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In some divorce cases, one spouse may attempt to conceal assets in an effort to inflate their cut of the marital estate. To get a fair distribution of the marital assets in your divorce case, contact Smart Choice Accounting Services. As experienced forensic accountants, we provide accurate and affordable divorce accounting services. Lawyers and individuals come to us to locate unreported income, uncover lifestyle changes, and to bring hidden assets to light.

Working with us is a good alternative to a CPA firm that specializes in forensic accounting because our services are just as reliable but more economical. You can count on us to work hard to provide the financial evidence that ensures a fair outcome in your divorce settlement.

Southern California Forensic Accountant

Find out how an experienced forensic accountant can make all the difference in equitable distribution of assets, fair child support calculations, and other aspects of divorce accounting. Call Smart Choice Accounting Services at 818-889-7484 or request your free consultation online now.

  • Forensic accounting for family law
  • Uncovering unreported income and assets
  • Identifying financial reporting irregularities
  • Transaction flow analysis
  • Records examination
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Form FL-150 & FL-142 preparation